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  • Human Hearing

    Describe common properties of human hearing, as hearing pertains to electronic music.

  • Bitcoin -- Analysis and Investment Strategies

    The course would introduce Bitcoin to students and would help determine when is the best time to invest in Bitcoin.

  • Budget Better - Tips to Save More Money

    This course would provide tips on how to save money by budgeting.

  • Additive Synthesis

    Describe how multiple waves produce a single sound.


    Future robotic courses it will going up because now a days very fast we react so we can survival on our life. we can manage we need for some robotic equipment.

  • Intro to guitar learning

    Learn the basic of playing the guitar with free online lessons,learn the power chords,names of the strings,tuning, and more.

  • Cat breeding for profit

    A person would learn what types of cats are good for breeding. They would also learn how turn it into a business. Making money, ect...

  • A Tour of Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom in the north-east of the island of Ireland, variously described as a country, province or region. Northern Ireland shares a border to the south and...

  • Low Frequency Oscillators

    Describe low-frequency oscillators.

  • Creating Games for the Vive

    Being relatively new, there really aren't many complete courses for vr game design. Would just go through the basics to at least the intermediary level for whatever one needs to get started.

  • Cryptocurrency Investing Lessons

    Basically going from the core of what exactly cryptocurrencies are, how they're made, etc., to how people can use them and how one can invest in them.

  • Distortion

    Describe distortion and applying the effect to a signal.

  • Everyday Life Hacks.

    The course will be consisting of little tips and tricks to make every day life easier. It will focus on household chores and things around the home. Many of the tips will be new and something no one...

  • How to live with anxiety

    Gives people useful tips and coping skills to live everyday life managing their anxiety

  • Online Natural Resource Management Courses

    Natural resource management is an interdisciplinary field of study that considers the physical, biological, economic and social aspects of handling natural resources. It involves putting resources to...

  • Python for newbies

    It would allow complete beginners to start learning python.

  • Sound Parameters

    Describe the basic parameters of sound -- amplitude, frequency, duration, phase, and timbre.

  • proper etiquette

    Common etiquette how to conduct yourself in a proper polite manner in daily life situations. How to lay out and use flat ware at the table. proper greetings and hand shakes. How to sit, stand and...

  • Make money with Youtube

    Show people how to create a youtube channel. Give them the information of what type of video and sound equipment is required. Guide people through social media advertising.

  • lean how to use your iPhone

    a course that helps untech savvy users learn how to use their new iPhone.

  • Fast Fourier Transform

    Describe the inputs, outputs, and applications of the Fast Fourier Transform.

  • Depreciation in clothes and when to sell

    Learn about how certain clothing brands sell well. It's an easy way for you to make money on weekends if you understand the clothing market.

  • Delay

    Describe delay effects.

  • Spatialization

    Describe acoustic panning and spatialization.

  • Filters

    Describe the basic types of filters low-pass, high-pass, band-reject, and band-pass.

  • introduction to piano online

    Learn how to play the piano/keyboard online on our course given through the internet,learn the chords also how to read the music notes and more.

  • How to curse in Spanish

    How to use flowery Spanish language to curse.

  • Crypto-currency Course

    In This course you can learn about technology behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and other altcoins. You can also learn trading techniques and how to start cryptocurrencies business.

  • A Writing Royal

    This is a course which teaches writers who want to be published how to sharpen their skills needed and maneuver the industry.

  • Lobbying in the United States

    Describes the impact of lobbyists on United States politics, especially in the medical and food industries.

  • How to Make Costumes from Scratch

    It's a do-it-yourself course where you learn the basics of arts and crafts.

  • How to do home maintenance.

    Learn how to change air filter, replace tiles and other easy things around the house. A lot of useful inform

  • OSC, Open Sound Control

    Describe the basics of the OSC protocol.

  • Complex Waves

    Describe the composition of complex sounds.

  • Rap Lyrics 101

    Learn how to write and format your own hip hop lyrics. Learn how to structure songs and create hooks and choruses for them as well. Learn how to come up with witty punchlines and metaphors.

  • An Introduction to Electronic Music -- Foundation

    A small taste of the basics of electronic music. These s serve as the basis for topics on creating and changing sound.

  • Measuring Tire Pressures

    It would teach you how to measure and find the right pressure of tires in tires in things like cars, trucks, semis, bikes, ect.

  • Web Browsers All You Need to Know

    A history of web browsers from inception to modern day. A course that teaches an indepth look at all available web browsers and how to use them to their fullest.

  • How to do scorekeeping in sports

    We could get a scorecard for baseball. We could learn all the plays and positions and how to score a game. It would be a day course.

  • High Percentage Tennis

    Teach tennis players who play recreationally at the club level how to play high percentage tennis so that they can understand how to win more matches.

  • BA English as a literature

    its about English grammar and history of English literature.

  • Hearing Curves

    Describe how hearing varies with frequency and amplitude.

  • systems of support by design

    Learning from the value of setting up systems and automatic processes in your life, learn how to do so for everything from dieting to physical activity to finances. Learn how to set goals and then...

  • Launching Your Own Business From Home

    In this course, learn what is required to start your own home business from scratch. Students will not only get the opportunity to develop practical real-world experience, but they can get feedback...

  • Introduction to ISO 9001:2015.

    Covers the basics of ISO 9001:2015. Also goes through the changes from previous versions of the standard.

  • Real life Stuff

    This course will teach people everything that schools didn't such as balancing a check book and paying your bills.

  • Modulation

    Describe modulation of sound signals.

  • Reverberation

    Describe reverberation effects.

  • Communications in a Millineal World

    This course should brief our young people in the millineal world about how to still use communications. They grew up in the world of cell phones and texting and do not actually know how to...

  • An Introduction to Electronic Music -- Systems

    An introduction to some of the systems we use in electronic music.

  • Subtractive Synthesis

    Describe how we can subtract information to produce sound.

  • Analog to Digital

    Describe how we convert analog sound into digital sound.

  • Introduction to American Sign Language

    An introduction to fingerspelling, basic greetings, and summary statistics about ASL.

  • Learn How to Homebrew

    Participants will learn how to homebrew. They will be taught the basics of making beer.

  • Noise

    Describe the types of noise -- white, brown, and pink.

  • Equalization

    Describe equalizers.

  • How to Produce Your Own Music

    Learn how to make music from start to finish, on your own, with this course. This course will guide you through the basics of getting your idea from paper to a recording studio.

  • Begin hombrewing your own beer.

    You'll learn to make your own beer at home. A description of the equipment you'll need and easy instructions to brew your first batch.

  • AI and your job

    Learn about the coming changes to the workforce due to AI and machine learning in the coming years and what you can do to be prepared for the new job market right now.

  • Monophony and Polyphony

    Describe polyphonic synthesis.

  • Bankruptcy -- Consumer and Business Basics

    Learn the basics of bankruptcy from a lawyer that does it. Learn from creditor and debtor perspective. Ask anything about it.

  • Envelopes

    Describe how amplitude changes over time.

  • A Basic Synthesizer

    Describe a basic synthesizer configuration.

  • Child Nutrition and Cooking

    Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and well-being across the lifespan. The culture of eating has changed significantly in recent decades, especially in parts of the world where...

  • Fantasy Football for Rookies

    Are you new to fantasy football? That's okay! This class will help you become comfortable with how it works and prepare you for victory.

  • Mobile Marketing for Today

    Learn about concepts to leverage marketing your business for today's mobile users.

  • Resume Writing

    Let's effectively break down how to write resume.

  • How to create academic surveys

    It teaches you how to create ethical online surveys.

  • Mental and Physical health

    This course will educate others about to go about dealing with depression and things such as obesity. It will give you guidelines on how to go about getting help for your needs. It will offer...

  • Oscillators

    Describe the oscillators and basic wave forms -- sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth.

  • Home buying - The reality

    A complete step by step guide for first time home buyers. Go over types of loans, go through a purchase from beginning to end. Show everything they need. Explain why the still need 1 % down when...

  • Get to know yourself.

    Small tests on every topic. Information on where you stand and how to improve in other areas.

  • Modulation Effects

    Describe modulation effects of tremolo, chorus, flange, phase, vibrato.

  • Closing Sales the Correct Way

    A course on being a salesman. It will teach people how to sell any type of product in any type of situation. All of the course will boost confidence in the person learning.

  • Gambling with responsibility

    Teaching people how to hit the racetrack with knowledge. Must include guidelines of when to walk away. Teaches basic vocabulary about the sport also.

  • An Introduction to Electronic Music

    A small taste of the basics of electronic music. Learn the concepts behind creating and modifying sounds in an electronic music system. Learn the ideas behind the tools and systems we use to create...

  • Amplitude Modifiers

    Describe the basic characteristics of amplitude modifiers of gain, compressors, de-essers, expanders, multi-pressors.

  • Samplers

    Describe samplers.


    Most of person don't know some business government has given some discount with the detailed of business telling, we don't utilize this opportunity, So which category we are living what are the...

  • The Basics of Maintaining Your Own Car

    You learn the basics around a car such as changing the oil and switching out a flat tire.

  • Digital Representation

    Describe how we represent sound digitally, including bit depth and sample rate.

  • How to use your mobile like a pro

    Mobile phones are most essential gadgets for us which we use 24*7. This course will teach you how to use your mobile phone like a pro.



  • Electronic Music

    Define electronic music and the subjects electronic music covers.

  • Writing for Everyday Life

    Writing skills that improve communication skills for everyday situations, from talking with friends and family to submitting assignments in work or school. It would incorporate a sort of informal...

  • How to use Microsoft Word.

    Learn the basic for Microsoft Word. You will learn how to change fonts, sizes, and even colors. In addition to that you will know how to add photos to Microsoft Word by the end of the course.

  • Japanese Art History

    A survey of periods, artists, and works in Japanese art history

  • How to redecorate your home.

    This course would teach students how to decorate the interior of their home in an efficient manner without spending a ton of money.

  • the dos and donts of vaping electronic devices

    this is a course for new comers on how to properly build and maintain there smoking devices

  • DIY on a Budget

    Provides videos and tutorials on how to fix up and brighten your home. Also provides design tips for various kinds of spaces. Each project should cost less than $500.

  • Wanna Buy a Watch?

    One of the most popular and growing segments of the luxury products area is wristwatches. From online magazines and forums with thousands of visitors per day to a bustling Instagram community, there...

  • An Introduction to Electronic Music -- Creating Sound

    An overview of commons tools to create sound in an electronic music system.

  • An Introduction to Electronic Music -- Changing Sound

    An overview of commons tools to change sound in an electronic music system.

  • Language Feedback

    Engaging in communications with someone who speaks another language and is learning the language you are learning, and vice versa. You could communicate with this person through various communication...

  • Security of Mobile Gaming Devices

    Analyze the security implementations of a mobile gaming device by dissecting the specific processes used and design choices made. Dig into the code of these systems to see how they protect content...

  • Mixers

    Describe a mixer.

  • Elevate your morning coffee!

    Teach people proper coffee brewing techniques.

  • Bitcoin for Beginners

    Students can learn about the cryptocurrency market and all things related to Bitcoin.

  • Taking good photos

    This class would help you learn how to take good pictures using your phone.

  • MIDI, Musical Instrument Digital Interface

    Describe the basics of the MIDI protocol.

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