Technical chronology


Scholars who research "Technical chronology" look at Chronology is defined as "the science of computing time or periods of time, and of assigning events to their true dates" . It should be distinguished from "chronometry", defined as "the art or science of accurately measuring time.

Why study "Technical chronology"? Chronology was certainly considered to be a legitimate field of study through the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Many "ecclesiastical histories" are chronologies in the second sense of narrative accounts. Biblical chronology has been a pit for absorbing intellectual energy for centuries. The subject has, over the course of many years, attracted some of the finest minds around the globe.

Some questions in "Technical chronology" involve Technical reasons for decline, The burgeoning problem.

Professionals of "Technical chronology" include Smith, P., 1962, "Origins of Modern Culture:,Grafton, A.T., 1975, "Joseph Scaliger and Historical Chronology, Goldstine, H., 1973, "New and Full Moons 1001 B.C. to A.D. 1651.

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