Sciences of history


"Sciences of history" is the examination of finding historical sources and the ways of interpreting them.

Professionals of "Sciences of history" include Robert William Fogel, Mark Lehner, Howard Carter, Stuart Struever.

Some questions in "Sciences of history" involve Archeology, archival science, chronology, cliometrics.

Some reasons we look at "Sciences of history" include investigate the ways of determining the history of a country, understand past events.

What's inside?

  • History of civilization

    People who study "History of civilization" investigate complex society, urban development, social stratification. Several topics in "History of civilization" include Cultural identity, Complex...

  • Archaeology

    "Archaeology" is the field of the study of human history through the use of finding and examining artifacts, remains, and evidence. A few notable experts of "Archaeology" include Howard Carter, Dr...

  • Heraldry

    Scholars who research "Heraldry" look at a system of hereditary devices centered on the shield. A few notable experts of "Heraldry" include Henry Gray, Stephen Slater, Ottfried Neubecker. Some...

  • Numismatics

    "Numismatics" is the field of currencies, coins, and medals. Why study "Numismatics"? understand production and use of money in historical contexts. modern numismatics, exonumia, and notaphily are a...

  • Diplomatics

    People who study "Diplomatics" investigate the critical analysis of documents. diplomatic editions, diplomatics in history, and diplomatics in law are a few categories of "Diplomatics". Lorenzo...

  • Epigraphy

    Scholars who research "Epigraphy" look at of ancient inscriptions and their interpretation. Some motivations are better understand the evolution of written communication, contribute to research, or...

  • Genealogy

    People who study "Genealogy" investigate study of families, family history, genetic analysis. Why study "Genealogy"? learn and know the challenges and happenings of area. A few scholars of...

  • An introduction to biographies

    "An introduction to biographies" is the field of a detailed description of a person's life. Some reasons we look at "An introduction to biographies" include learn how to better write one themselves....

  • Technical chronology

    Scholars who research "Technical chronology" look at Chronology is defined as "the science of computing time or periods of time, and of assigning events to their true dates" . It should be...

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