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What is Sagefy?

Sagefy is an open-content adaptive learning platform.

Adaptive Learning. Sagefy optimizes based on what you already know and what your goal is. Get the most out of your time and effort spent.

Open-Content. Anyone can view, share, create, and edit content. Because anyone can contribute, you can learn anything you want.

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How do I learn with Sagefy?

  1. Create an account.
  2. Find and add a subject.
  3. Choose your unit.
  4. Learn.
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Popular Subjects

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Why learn with Sagefy?

  • Learn any subject.
  • Skip what you already know.
  • Build up to where you need to be.
  • Choose your own path.
  • Learn deeply, instead of skimming the top.
  • Stay motiviated with different types of cards.
  • Focus on what you want to learn with no distractions.
  • Create and edit any content.
  • Discuss anything as you learn.
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What does Sagefy provide?

Also check out the in-detail article on Medium.

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  • Classroom: When we adapt the content to what you already know, we keep the motivation going and reduce effort and time. Classrooms are a difficult place to get personal. Sagefy optimizes for what you already know, every time.
  • Learning Management Systems: Great cost and time savings come from using technology. LMSs are designed to support the classroom model. With Sagefy, you get both the benefits of online learning and a highly personalized experience.
  • Closed Adaptive Systems: Pursue your own goals. Closed systems means only select topics are available. An open-content system like Sagefy reaches a range of topics.
  • Massive Online Courses: MOOCs reach a large range, but offer little adaption and only support expert-created content. Sagefy has no deadlines -- learn when you see fit.
  • Flash Cards: Flash cards are great for memorizing content. But what about integration and application of knowledge? Sagefy goes deeper than flash cards.
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