History of civilization


People who study "History of civilization" investigate complex society, urban development, social stratification.

Several topics in "History of civilization" include Cultural identity, Complex systems, Urban Revolution.

People study "History of civilization" in order to learn and know the challenges and happenings of the area.

Professionals of "History of civilization" include Donald Harper, Kathryn Bard, Mark Edward Lewis.

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  • History of water and civilization

    "History of water and civilization" is the examination of the important role water had in the development human civilization and the future of human survival.

    Professionals of "History of water...

  • Terrestrial evidence of interplanetary voyages

    "Terrestrial evidence of interplanetary voyages" is the field of This is a comprehensive list of interplanetary spaceflights, spaceflight between two or more bodies of the Solar System, listed in...

  • History of geography and civilization

    People who study "History of geography and civilization" investigate Writing, social groups, and heirarchy. Jared Diamond, Liviu Giosan are a few specialists of "History of geography and...

  • History of geography and civilization

    "History of geography and civilization" is region of Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. People study "History of geography and civilization" in order to learn more about how...

  • History of technology

    "History of technology" is How digital world has evolved. A few notable experts of "History of technology" include Bill gates, mark zuckerbug. Computer, software, application are a few themes of...

  • History of civilization and race

    "History of civilization and race" is the study of The Neolithic Revolution, beginning around 10, 000 BCE, saw the development of agriculture, which fundamentally changed the human lifestyle. Farming...

  • History of war and civilization

    People who study "History of war and civilization" investigate state of armed conflict between states, governments, societies and informal paramilitary groups, such as mercenaries, insurgents and...

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  • Sciences of history

    "Sciences of history" is the examination of finding historical sources and the ways of interpreting them. Professionals of "Sciences of history" include Robert William Fogel, Mark Lehner, Howard...

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