History of Italy


"History of Italy" is the examination of ancient, Geography and environment, medieval.

Some subfields in "History of Italy" include Italian republic, Renaissance, mordern italy.

Some motivations are learn and know the challenges and happenings of the country.

Paula Findlen, William Broadhead, Dario Del Puppo are some authorities of "History of Italy".

What's inside?

  • History of Julius Caesar and the First Triumvirate

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  • Medieval and modern Italian History

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  • Italian Antiquities

    Scholars who research "Italian Antiquities" look at Greeks, Etruscans and Celts, t Paestum, Agrigento. Some reasons we look at "Italian Antiquities" include Baroque and Rococo Art, Mannerism....

  • Modern History of Rome

    Scholars who research "Modern History of Rome" look at the 12th century history as the Roman civilization shifted from a monarchy to an oligarchic republic and then to an immense empire. Goals of...

  • History of the Papal States

    "History of the Papal States" is the study of the development and role of the church in the formation of modern Italy. A few scholars of "History of the Papal States" include Thomas F. X. Noble,...

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