Naval Navigation


People who study "Naval Navigation" investigate monitoring, controlling, determination of position.

Some subfields in "Naval Navigation" include Basic concepts, Modern technique, Navigation processes.

People study "Naval Navigation" in order to learn and know the challenges and happenings of the area.

A few scholars of "Naval Navigation" include Ahmed El-Rabbany, Jonathan P. How, Don C. Donderi.

What's inside?

  • Science of naval navigation

    "Science of naval navigation" is the field of Navigation is a field of study that focuses on the process of monitoring and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle from one place to another. ...

  • Marine hydrography

    "Marine hydrography" is the study of after further study into the population status within Alaska, the USFWS found that ...... marine hydrography and productivity (Jones et al. 2002 ...... _....

  • Shipwrecks and fires

    People who study "Shipwrecks and fires" investigate accidental, Temperature, Salinity of water. A few scholars of "Shipwrecks and fires" include Bridget Buxton, Ehab Zalok, Wayne Sandford. State of...

  • Nautical instruments

    Scholars who research "Nautical instruments" look at pilots, navigation, speed, direction, destination. Navigation is based largely on the spherical coordinates latitude -angular distance north or...

  • History of naval navigation

    "History of naval navigation" is the field of past events regarding vessels upon the open sea. Goals of "History of naval navigation" include understand the place of seafaring culture withing human...

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  • Naval science

    Scholars who research "Naval science" look at underwater mechanical systems and their practical applications. Some motivations are research and develop new underwater technologies. A few notable...

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