"Otorhinolaryngology" is medicine that deals with conditions of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT).

A few notable experts of "Otorhinolaryngology" include Goyal, Neerav; Jowett, Nathan; Dwojak, Sunshine; Cunane, Mary Beth; Zander, David; Hadlock, Tessa A.

Several topics in "Otorhinolaryngology" include Free Muscle Transfer, Free Bone Transfer, Free Skin and Free Fat Transfer.

People study "Otorhinolaryngology" in order to learn to become a EENT doctor.

What's inside?

  • Otology, diseases of the ear

    "Otology, diseases of the ear" is the field of normal and pathological anatomy and physiology of the ear (hearing and vestibular sensory systems and related structures and functions) as well as their...

  • Laryngology, diseases of the throat

    People who study "Laryngology, diseases of the throat" investigate disorders, diseases and injuries of the vocal apparatus, especially the larynx. Some motivations are specialize in a Medical career....

  • Rhinology, diseases of the nose

    Scholars who research "Rhinology, diseases of the nose" look at diseases that affect the nose and adjoining sinus area, including allergies, polyps, tumors and other undesirable afflictions. People...

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    "Medicine" is the examination of human health, the maintenance of wellness, and diagnosis and treatment of disease. understand, maintain and improve human health and treat illness is some of the...

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