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History: Cosmology

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    "Cosmology" is the field of astrophysics, study of the physical origins, Universe, "celestial mechanics" , study of the nature.

    A few scholars of "Cosmology" include Gary Hinshaw, Edward Groth, Ira M. Wasserman, Anthony Gonzalez.

    According to the view of most physicists and astronomers, and also according to some historians of science (Brush 1992), cosmology became a science only in the twentieth century. Some will say that the supposed turn from ‘philosophical’ to truly scientific cosmology only occurred with the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation in 1965, while others date the turn to Edwin Hubble’s insight in the late 1920s of the cosmological significance of the galactic redshifts. "Helge Kragh" is some of the cause to investigate "Cosmology".

    Some questions in "Cosmology" involve astronomy, cosmological principles, Future history of the universe, Geometry of the universe.