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History: Agricultural History

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    "Agricultural History" is the examination of Agricultural History is the journal of record in the field. ... The Agricultural History Society was founded in Washington, DC in 1919 "to promote the interest, study and research in the history of agriculture." Incorporated in 1924, the Society began publishing a journal in 1927.

    Evan D. C. Fraser, Andrew Rimas, Tony Fischer, Derek Byerlee are a few specialists of "Agricultural History".

    Some of the major challenges we face in the 21st century are sustainable food production, disease threats and soil productivity. Be part of an environmentally sustainable future that ensures the health of the world's agricultural systems for generations to come is some of the cause to investigate "Agricultural History".

    How did agriculture begin?, Who were the first farmers? , What is agriculture introduction?, What are the 3 types of agriculture? are a few categories of "Agricultural History".