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History: Forest soils

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    Scholars who research "Forest soils" look at Forest soils form where it is not too hot, and not too cold. ... Soils that formed under deciduous forests are very fertile and productive agricultural lands because of the decomposing leaves at the soil surface. However, soils formed under pine trees are usually more acidic and sandy, and are less suited to growing crops.

    How do forests affect the soil?,Where is forest soil found?,How do forest protect the soil? are a few themes of "Forest soils".

    Some reasons we look at "Forest soils" include Forests and forest soils: an essential contribution to agricultural production and global food security. Forests, forest soils and their interactions carry out key functions that contribute to food security and a healthy environment. Climate change: what forests and forest soils do.

    Professionals of "Forest soils" include Khan Towhid Osman, William L. Pritchett.