Economic aspects of education


"Economic aspects of education" is Economics education or economic education is a field within economics that focuses on two main themes: the current state of, and efforts to improve, the economics curriculum, materials and pedagogical techniques used to teach economics at all educational levels; and research into the effectiveness of alternative instructional techniques in economics, the level of economic literacy of various groups, and factors that influence the level of economic literacy.

Some questions in "Economic aspects of education" involve Organizations, Reform.

A few scholars of "Economic aspects of education" include W.E. Becker, Akarowhe K.

Economics education can be seen as a process, science and product; as a process - economics education involves a time phase of inculcating the needed skills and values on the learners, in other words, it entails the preparation of learners for would-be-economics educator (teachers) and disseminating of valuable economics information on learners in other for them to improve their standard of living by engaging in meaningful venture; as a science, it means that it is a body of organized knowledge which is subjected to scientific proves/test; and as a product, economics education involves the inculcation of saleable values/skills/disposition on the learners which are desirable by employers of labour and the society at large is some of the cause to investigate "Economic aspects of education".

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