"Anthropology" is the examination of scientific study, human behavior, societies in the past and present.

Steven Sangren, Christopher Fletcher, Nancy Smith-Hefner are some authorities of "Anthropology".

Why study "Anthropology"? learn and know the challenges and happenings of the area.

Sociocultural, Biological, Linguistic are a few categories of "Anthropology".

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  • Physical anthropology

    "Physical anthropology" is the examination of human biological diversity in the context of culture, history, and behavior. primatology, behavioral ecology, human osteology are a few categories of...

  • Human paleontology

    People who study "Human paleontology" investigate fossils related to human lineage. Some subfields in "Human paleontology" include archaeology, biology, and geology. Some motivations are reconstruct...

  • Prehistoric archaeology

    "Prehistoric archaeology" is the study of Prehistoric archaeology is the study of the past before historical records began. It is a field of research that looks at all the pre-urban societies of the...

  • Psychological anthropology

    "Psychological anthropology" is the examination of the interaction of cultural and mental processes. learn how the understanding of cognition, emotion, motivation, and similar psychological...

  • Racial anthropology

    "Racial anthropology" is the field of Human groups of diverse phenotypical traits. Some subfields in "Racial anthropology" include Racial typology, acclimatization and ethnocentrism. Some...

  • Social and cultural anthropology

    People who study "Social and cultural anthropology" investigate the cultural and social variation in humans. evolution, cultural relativism, political economy are a few categories of "Social and...

  • Human evolution

    "Human evolution" is how human beings have evolved through time. Professionals of "Human evolution" include Niobe Thompson, Brian T. Shea, Adam Chippindale. Several topics in "Human evolution"...

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  • Geography

    People who study "Geography" investigate Science and physics. study about geography is some of the cause to investigate "Geography". Some subfields in "Geography" include CLIMATOLOGY & OCEANOGRAPHY,...

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