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History: Sociology of Erotica

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  • Name: Sociology of Erotica
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    People who study "Sociology of Erotica" investigate Sexual capital and erotic capital are concepts that have been used to study the social, symbolic, economic and physical resources that affect the way in which sexual desire is constructed in different societies, and the social hierarchies that affect the sexual power and sexual enjoyment of different groups.

    Importance, Race, Class and gender are a few categories of "Sociology of Erotica".

    One economic-related definition is based on the human truth capital theory of Gary Becker, and predicts that people invest rationally in exhibiting their sex appeal when they can expect a return on their investments. This he defines as a form of health capital which is itself a form of individual capital is some of the cause to investigate "Sociology of Erotica".

    Michael, Robert T, Adam Isaiah are some authorities of "Sociology of Erotica".