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History: Rhinology, diseases of the nose

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  • Name: Rhinology, diseases of the nose
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    Scholars who research "Rhinology, diseases of the nose" look at diseases that affect the nose and adjoining sinus area, including allergies, polyps, tumors and other undesirable afflictions.

    People study "Rhinology, diseases of the nose" in order to help people recover healthy functioning nasal and sinus capability, and to regain full appreciation of their olfactory sense and to relieve the discomfort from conditions related to rhinology.

    A few notable experts of "Rhinology, diseases of the nose" include Hopkins who developed a fibre-optics device in 1954 to assist in rhinology diagnoses without the need for hospital admission or for more invasive procedures.

    Some questions in "Rhinology, diseases of the nose" involve learning the anatomy of the nose and sinus, the relationship between health of the nose, throat, ears and general health, improving quality of life, assisting the return of olfactory sensations, the mechanics of how the nose messages sensory information, etc..