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History: Form and structure of government

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  • Name: Form and structure of government
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    "Form and structure of government" is the examination of how various governing bodies and systems were established and how they have evolved through to modern times.

    organize human interactions with the goals of social and economic efficiency, increased (hopefully) health, prosperity, cooperation and freedom among those who inhabit a region. Some of course, seek to create government for less lofty purposes, such as to oppress or inflict slavery upon others which has been witnessed both in ancient times as well as right up to the present. is some of the cause to investigate "Form and structure of government".

    the German Max Weber, whose socialist leaning philosophy influenced post WWI views, as well as Thomas Jefferson whose religious roots were very much tied developing his democratic views in politics are a few specialists of "Form and structure of government".

    Some questions in "Form and structure of government" involve aristocracies and royal bloodlines, self-appointed leaders, elected bodies, military controlled dictatorships, and other forms.