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History: Drawing technique

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    "Drawing technique" is the examination of There are lots of different pencil drawing techniques relating to shading. ... The second method involves working in patches of shading, to help define shape. "Patches of lines go around the form, which help keep things in perspective," he says. This technique is also great for backgrounds and creating texture.

    Goals of "Drawing technique" include , for inspiration, take a look at this roundup of unbelievably realistic pencil drawings. Use the right grip. Use a stump for soft blending. Mix up shading techniques. Try different approaches to outlines.

    What are the five basic skills of drawing? , How can I make my drawing better?, What is basic drawing?, What kind of drawing styles are there? are a few categories of "Drawing technique".

    A few notable experts of "Drawing technique" include Andrew Loomis, Betty Edwards, Aquil Akhte.