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History: Oceanography of Currents

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  • Name: Oceanography of Currents
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    People who study "Oceanography of Currents" investigate how the 5 major currents in the ocean travel over the globe affecting and acting upon land masses, populations, agriculture, weather and other intersecting factors.

    Some questions in "Oceanography of Currents" involve climatology and how waves and currents affect the weather, geology, plate tectonics, and many other related topics.

    Some reasons we look at "Oceanography of Currents" include predict areas of interest relating to sustainable agriculture, prediction of major events that may affect large populations, and to better understand weather patterns over the globe.

    James Cook, the 18th century explorer and map maker, and Charles Darwin who recorded his reef studies c. 1830 are a few specialists of "Oceanography of Currents".