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History: Sepulchral monuments

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  • Name: Sepulchral monuments
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    "Sepulchral monuments" is the examination of the funerary lot and its definition in the spirit of the ancient Roman law system, as it’s reflected in the epigraphs inscribed on funerary monuments.

    R. D. Grasby, R. S. O. Tomlin are some authorities of "Sepulchral monuments".

    re-evaluate efficient controls of protecting funerary lots using measures that can be analysed with the help of a thorough study of ancient legal texts is some of the cause to investigate "Sepulchral monuments".

    Sepulchral monuments in Great Britain, Early Christian Necropolis of Pécs: The Richest Collection of Sepulchral monuments, Funeral lights in Roman sepulchral monuments are a few categories of "Sepulchral monuments".