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History: Amphibious warfare

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  • Name: Amphibious warfare
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    "Amphibious warfare" is the examination of Amphibious warfare is a type of offensive military operation that today uses naval ships to project ground and air power onto a hostile or potentially hostile shore at a designated landing beach. Through history the operations were conducted using ship's boats as the primary method of delivering troops to shore.

    Several topics in "Amphibious warfare" include How many amphibious assault ships does the US Navy have?,Were there any Marines at Normandy?,How many aircraft carriers does the US have?.

    Professionals of "Amphibious warfare" include Kenneth J.,Ian Speller.

    People study "Amphibious warfare" in order to The advent of new military capabilities, such as jet aircraft, quiet attack submarines, ballistic and cruise missiles, long-range intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and, of course, nuclear weapons, repeatedly caused the U.S. defense establishment to question the feasibility of large-scale amphibious ...