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History: Horse cavalry

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    "Horse cavalry" is the examination of Cavalry or horsemen are soldiers or warriors who fight mounted on horseback. Cavalry were historically the most mobile of the combat arms. An individual soldier in the cavalry is known by a number of designations such as cavalryman, horseman, dragoon, or trooper.

    Why study "Horse cavalry"? The history of the cavalry arm has rarely been comprehensively studied as a subject in the modern period. The changing importance of the cavalry, battlefield roles, and prominence is normally examined as an adjunct to histories of the period, or intones with nationalistic and narrower focus on their battlefield exploits.

    Professionals of "Horse cavalry" include Isaac Babel, Dennis Showalter.

    Several topics in "Horse cavalry" include When was cavalry last used?, Where is the 1st Cavalry Division? , What is the largest cavalry charge in history?.