The Bible


People who study "The Bible" investigate the history, cultural and social impact of The Bible on humanity.

get a greater understanding of the religious text and the history of the Christian religion is some of the cause to investigate "The Bible".

Some subfields in "The Bible" include What are the various books of the bible? Who are important authors and what are their history within the bible? How did the bible get formed, including determining which books were included and which were not? How does the bible differ from other religious texts.

A few scholars of "The Bible" include The Pope. Scot McKnight.

What's inside?

  • The Bible as literature

    "The Bible as literature" is the study of this theological text as a purely literary work.

    Northrop Frye, David Norton, and Leland Ryken are a few specialists of "The Bible as literature".


  • Old Testament

    People who study "Old Testament" investigate Christian, Bible, God. Themes, Composition, Theology are a few categories of "Old Testament". Goals of "Old Testament" include learn and know the...

  • Criticism and interpretation of the Bible

    "Criticism and interpretation of the Bible" is the study of The study of theology. Some subfields in "Criticism and interpretation of the Bible" include The study of textual, source, form, and...

  • New Testament

    Scholars who research "New Testament" look at new testament of the Bible. be closer to God, mentor others, become priests, to understand religion and customs is some of the cause to investigate "New...

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  • Philosophy

    "Philosophy" is the examination of Attempting to understand the world, in all its aspects. Epistemology, Logic, Metaphysics are a few themes of "Philosophy". understand the language we use to...

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