Socialism, communism, and anarchism


"Socialism, communism, and anarchism" is various political and economical systems that counteract the idea of capitalism.

Why study "Socialism, communism, and anarchism"? To understand various political and economical systems. To understand the differences from mostly capitalist and Democratic systems in place.

Professionals of "Socialism, communism, and anarchism" include Karl Marx. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Upton Sinclair.

Some subfields in "Socialism, communism, and anarchism" include What is the difference between socialism, communism and anarchism. Where are these systems currently in place. What is the history of these systems.

What's inside?

  • Socialism

    "Socialism" is the study of social ownership of the means of production in an economy. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Tony Benn are a few specialists of "Socialism". Why study "Socialism"? reduce...

  • Communism

    Scholars who research "Communism" look at A theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability...

  • Anarchism

    "Anarchism" is political philosophy[, societies, hierarchies. Some subfields in "Anarchism" include Classical anarchism, Criticisms, Mutualism. Raymond Craib, Dave Odynak, Brian Skyrms are some...

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  • Social sciences

    "Social sciences" is the examination of social interactions. Elizabeth Washington, Benjamin Justice, Stephan Ellenwood are a few specialists of "Social sciences". economics, sociology, government...

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