Religion and science


People who study "Religion and science" investigate The concepts of "science" and "religion" are a recent invention: "religion" emerged in the 17th century in the midst of colonization and globalization and the Protestant Reformation, "science" emerged in the 19th century in the midst of attempts to narrowly define those who studied nature.

Several topics in "Religion and science" include Middle Ages and Renaissance, Criticism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Ahmadiyya, Studies on scientists' beliefs.

People study "Religion and science" in order to Both science and religion are complex social and cultural endeavors that vary across cultures and have changed over time. Most scientific (and technical) innovations prior to the scientific revolution were achieved by societies organized by religious traditions. Ancient pagan, Islamic, and Christian scholars pioneered individual elements of the scientific method. Roger Bacon, often credited with formalizing the scientific method, was a Franciscan friar. Hinduism has historically embraced reason and empiricism, holding that science brings legitimate, but incomplete knowledge of the world and universe.

Professionals of "Religion and science" include Richard Dawkins, "Not only is science corrosive to religion; religion is corrosive to science.Francis Collins, a scientist who happens to be a Christian, Peter Harrison.

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