"Physiology" is the examination of Physiology is the study of normal function within living creatures. It is a sub-section of biology, covering a range of topics that include organs, anatomy, cells, biological compounds, and how they all interact to make life possible.

describe the way individual cells or components of a system converge to respond as a whole is some of the cause to investigate "Physiology".

Several topics in "Physiology" include Anatomy. Biochemistry and molecular biology.

Hippocrates, Claudius Galenus, Jean Fernel, Joseph Lister are a few specialists of "Physiology".

What's inside?

  • Animal biochemistry

    People who study "Animal biochemistry" investigate different chemical reactions going on in the body of an animal. Justus von Liebig, Trevor J. Whitbread are a few specialists of "Animal...

  • Neurophysiology and neuropsychology

    "Neurophysiology and neuropsychology" is the field of Neurophysiology is the study of the functions of the nervous system. Clinical neurophysiology is the study of the functions of the nervous system...

  • Experimental pharmacology

    "Experimental pharmacology" is the field of new techniques, research, and methods for the development of drugs and pharmaceuticals. K. K. Pillai, Charles Wilson Greene, Ghosh Mn are some authorities...

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  • Science

    "Science" is the field of of the nature and behaviour of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them. People study "Science" in order to Firstly, science helps our understanding of...

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