People who study "Pathology" investigate the causes and effects of disease or injury.

Professionals of "Pathology" include Stanley Robbins, Esmond Long, Lester King.

medical training, psychopathology, diagnostic medicine, history are a few categories of "Pathology".

Why study "Pathology"? understand and prevent disease; obtain a career in medicine or research.

What's inside?

  • Post-mortem examination

    "Post-mortem examination" is A range of studies and usually some dissection performed on a deceased body. Professionals of "Post-mortem examination" include Rudolf Virchow, Andreas Vesalius. ...

  • Pathological anatomy and histology

    "Pathological anatomy and histology" is Anatomical pathology (Commonwealth) or Anatomic pathology (U.S.) is a medical specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease based on the...

  • Clinical pathology

    "Clinical pathology" is Clinical Pathology. What is Clinical Pathology? Clinical pathology supports the diagnosis of disease using laboratory testing of blood and other bodily fluids, tissues, and...

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  • Medicine

    "Medicine" is the examination of human health, the maintenance of wellness, and diagnosis and treatment of disease. understand, maintain and improve human health and treat illness is some of the...

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