Mineral industries


People who study "Mineral industries" investigate discipline that applies science and technology to the extraction of minerals from the earth.

Professionals of "Mineral industries" include N. C. Wyeth.

Once a mineral discovery has been made, and has been determined to be of sufficient economic quality to mine, mining engineers will then work on developing a plan to mine this effectively and efficiently. The discovery can be made from research of mineral maps, academic geological reports or local, state, and national geological reports. Other sources of information include property assays, well drilling logs, and local word of mouth. Mineral research may also include satellite and airborne photographs. Unless the mineral exploration is done on public property, the owners of the property may play a significant role in the exploration process, and may be the original discoverer of the mineral deposit is some of the cause to investigate "Mineral industries".

Several topics in "Mineral industries" include Surface mining, Mining process Mineral discovery, Pre-mining.

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