"Infantry" is the field of engagement of military combat on foot.

Professionals of "Infantry" include John A. English, Bruce I. Gudmundsson, Kristin Molinaro.

People study "Infantry" in order to understand the history of warfare and human conflict; learn how wars and battles are fought.

equipment, formations, organization, combat role, operations are a few themes of "Infantry".

What's inside?

  • Airborne troops

    People who study "Airborne troops" investigate how to drop soldiers in an enemy territory through aircrafts. A few scholars of "Airborne troops" include Heather Wilson, David L. Goldfein. Some...

  • Mounted infantry

    "Mounted infantry" is infantries riding horses instead of marching. The original dragoons were essentially mounted infantry. Goals of "Mounted infantry" include train and become the backbone of any...

  • Ski troops

    "Ski troops" is the field of the successes of the Finnish war effort against the Soviet Union during the Winter War in 1939. Several topics in "Ski troops" include Finland, France, Italy. Chen,...

  • Mountain troops

    "Mountain troops" is the field of rough terrain, strategy, dangerous terrain. World War, Mountain training, rock falls are a few categories of "Mountain troops". Al Okros, Jeff Charnley, Robert B....

  • Infantry tactics and maneuvers

    "Infantry tactics and maneuvers" is the methods and strategy of the mobilization of soldiers. Anthony King, Lieutenant Colonel W.J. Hardee, Brigadier General Silas Casey are some authorities of...

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  • Military science

    "Military science" is Military weapons and the science behind it. People study "Military science" in order to To gain insight into military history. A few notable experts of "Military science"...

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