History of Oceania


"History of Oceania" is the field of the history of New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and other Pacific island nations.

A few notable experts of "History of Oceania" include Milton Hook, Hank Nelson, Elizabeth Wood-Ellem.

Several topics in "History of Oceania" include Polynesia, Micronesia, exploration, colonization.

Some motivations are learn the history of Oceania.

What's inside?

  • History of Micronesia

    People who study "History of Micronesia" investigate the settlement of the native peoples along with the colonization by Spain, Germany, and Japan, through its 1979 independence.

    Professionals of...

  • History of Australia

    People who study "History of Australia" investigate The history of Australia is the history of the area and people of the Commonwealth of Australia with its preceding Indigenous and colonial...

  • History of the Hawaiian Islands

    "History of the Hawaiian Islands" is the field of The history of Hawaii describes the era of human settlements in the Hawaiian Islands. That history begins sometime between 124 and 1120 AD, when the...

  • History of New Zealand

    Scholars who research "History of New Zealand" look at the country's people, starting with the original Eastern Polynesian settlers. Some questions in "History of New Zealand" involve settlement by...

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