History of Micronesia


People who study "History of Micronesia" investigate the settlement of the native peoples along with the colonization by Spain, Germany, and Japan, through its 1979 independence.

Professionals of "History of Micronesia" include Bill Sandborn Ballinger, Saul H Riesenberg, Nicholas J Goetzfridt, and Karen M Peacock.

Some motivations are to understand the importance of the location. Learn about the colonial rule and how that affected the native Micronesians. Learn about the role of the United Nations in helping Micronesia gain independence.

Several topics in "History of Micronesia" include:

  • How and when did the Micronesian ancestors settle?
  • How did they live and govern themselves?
  • How did Europeans discover Micronesia?
  • How long was Micronesia under colonial rule?

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