History of drawing


Scholars who research "History of drawing" look at how drawing has developed throughout man's history and how it has formed basic fundamentals used in other art forms.

Drawing has become specialized and used in fine arts as well as architectural renderings, drafting, botanical studies, and other subjects are a few categories of "History of drawing".

Professionals of "History of drawing" include Georgio Vasari, c. 1550 was a noted art historian who documented the development of drawing and later art forms from inception to the 16th century. Other notable figures included the engraver Shongauer (c. 1400) as well as Leonardo Da Vinci, (c. 1450).

Goals of "History of drawing" include examine and draw from the expressions of man from early times through historical periods where methods changed, as well as societal contexts, and also allowed for more refinement of the art and craft of drawing.

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