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Electronic Music

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What is Electronic Music?

Let's start by asking the most basic question: well, what exactly is electronic music?

Electronic means a device we operate using an electric current. We often say "acoustic" to mean the opposite of electronic: created without the use of electric current.

So what's music? Music is an art form of combining and organizing sounds to create something interesting.

In the modern world, electronic devices reproduce most music we hear. But when we say, "electronic music," we usually mean music that uses electronic devices as a primary source... instead of simply a reproduction of acoustic music.

What topics does Electronic Music Cover?

The subject of electronic music includes synthesis, sampling, analysis, modification, reproduction, protocols, and systems. Let's define each of those.

Sound synthesis is a process of combining two or more sounds to create a new sound.

Sound sampling is a technique of taking a small piece of prerecorded sound and reproducing the sound, often with modification.

Sound analysis is a method of breaking down a sound into smaller components and numbers so we can compare and make decisions based on those things.

Sound modification is a technique of taking an existing sound and changing the sound.

Sound reproduction is a technique of taking an existing sound and then outputting the sound in a new format.

Protocols are standard means of communicating data between components.

A system is a combination of components that produces a larger result.

We'll explore more about electronic music in the upcoming units.


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